Pharm Pharaoh - Jia Jie Chen

Are you tut enough to know how to navigate your pharmaceutical molecules?

Originally conceived by Jia Jie Chen as a pharmaceutical pathfinding puzzle game, experience the exhilaration of exploring pharmaceutical molecules by alternating between meandering around barricades and looking for gateways while prancing from one atom to another to reach the other red target. However, be mindful of the resounding consequences behind your pathway strategy. With the 0.2.0 update onwards, get ready to venture deeper into the world of molecules beyond the pharmaceutical realm. Good luck, future ruler! 


Note: Starting April 4, 2020, the free browser demo version of Pharm Pharaoh on Itch will no longer be as meticulously updated. In fact:

  • Want 4 times as many pharmaceutical molecules to play with compared to the demo?
  • Want access to Easter eggs?
  • Want updated visuals and instructions?
  • Want to venture into multiple molecules on the same level?
  • Want to go beyond the realm of pharmaceuticals and dive into literally millions of molecules from the PubChem database?
  • Want more intuitive visual guidance for pathfinding?
  • Want algorithms to potentially filter out boring levels?
  • Want slick procedural animations to celebrate beating each level?

In the face of looming threats in troubling times, urgent measures must be embarked upon. In Pharm Pharaoh - The Un-Pholding, the stakes have been raised with access to PubChem's database. Given that there are only a few thousand drugs discovered so far, what will you discover amongst the millions of molecules from PubChem?

For the latest and most feature-packed version, please buy the full 0.2.3 version listed at the bottom of this page and play by installing and opening the exe file. Due to intensive graphics, as a rule of thumb, computers that are older than 5 years of age have a HIGH risk of not being able to run Pharm Pharaoh optimally, so please be advised to test out the browser demo version in Google Chrome before purchasing! Newer devices such as Surface Laptop 3 and operating systems such as Windows 11 will have better performance due to cutting-edge GPUs and processors. NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCHANGES! For gameplay footage, refer to the following gameplay video from Pharm Pharaoh 0.2.3:



  • Are you tut enough to know how to navigate your pharmaceutical molecules?
  • In a world where defective medchem software is considered useless, one puzzle game shall ascend to strategically rule this sci-fi genre.
  • Move your red staff from one red target to the other by clicking on unvisited neighboring atoms.
  • Atoms with halos are gateways linked by color that you may use to jump around the molecule.
  • However, red X's can barricade your path to pharmaceutical victory.
  • In order to traverse through locked atoms, each unique path must obtain a key before attempting to pass through.
  • To reveal and activate hidden gateway pairs, you may opt to pay a visit to the all-seeing eye.
  • To pass through some of the barricades, feel free to grab a sword.
  • Unlike previously-mentioned features, in order for the path to be considered valid, all bottleneck beakers must be collected before reaching the other red target.
  • In addition, the other prerequisite for valid paths is that all specified additional requirements listed in the upper left corner must be met.
  • If Atomic Hints is enabled, the game will hum if you land on an atom that is not part of any valid path.
  • If you reach the other red target and none of the aforementioned criteria are met, you will have to start again.
  • If you ever get stuck or want to reconsider your path, you may backtrack by clicking on previously visited atoms.
  • If you ever want to restart your path, you may also click on the red target you initially started on.
  • To read more about each molecule, please click on the question icon in the lower left corner.
  • To view previously-found unique paths, please click on the molecule icon located in the lower right corner.
  • Once you have found all the unique paths possible in the current molecule, you will progress to another autogenerated map.
  • If you wish to pause the game at any time, just move your cursor elsewhere and click on the screen to unpause.
  • Good luck, future ruler!

Warning: Depending on your settings, please be advised that the autogenerated levels may take a while to call, load, and generate, so please be patient at sporadic times. If lag is a persistent issue for desktop or laptop browsers, this may be due to outdated graphics hardware. If not, try to optimize using preferred browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge. Also, try to reduce the number of extra tabs open in the browser for optimal gameplay experiences. 


This is a work in progress and like all works in progress, continued funding helps. Therefore, if you like the game and want access to more molecules/features, please consider clicking "Support This Game" above the description to purchase!

For those of you who are wondering about device-dependent playability, new changes to screen resolution should be helpful, especially for those who like to play full screen. However, not all mobile devices/browsers may be supported. As a result, although the game is stated as mobile-friendly, not all mobile versions are guaranteed to be mobile-friendly. Styluses are highly recommended for smooth mobile gameplay in landscape mode. For further guidance on browser gameplay, please refer to the following device compatibility table:

PCFirefoxYES!It works, pointer shows
PCEdgeYesIt works
PCChromeYesIt works, blurry text rendering bug resolved by recent browser updates, use to test demo before purchasing!!!
SamsungFirefoxYesIt works
SamsungChromeNoOccasional bug in recognizing tapping inputs
SamsungInternetNoDisplays blue hue after every tap and before seeking further tapping inputs
iPhoneSafariNoShadow effect rendering disabled



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