Pharm Pharaoh - Jia Jie Chen

How to Play:

  • Are you tut enough to know how to navigate your pharmaceutical molecules?
  • Move your red staff from one red target to the other by clicking on unvisited neighboring atoms.
  • Atoms with randomly-generated colorful halos are linked gateway pairs that you may use to jump around the molecule.
  • However, red X's are always there to barricade your path to pharmaceutical victory.
  • In addition, all bottleneck beakers must be collected before reaching the destination target.
  • In order to unlock locked atoms, each unique path must obtain a key before attempting to pass through.
  • Finally, the paths must meet all specified additional requirements listed in the upper left corner.
  • If Atomic Hints is enabled, the game will hum if you land on an atom that is not part of any valid path.
  • If you reach the other red target and none of the aforementioned criteria are met, you will have to start again.
  • If you ever get stuck or want to reconsider your path, you may backtrack by clicking on previously visited atoms.
  • If you ever want to restart your path, you may also click on the red target you initially started on.
  • Once you have found all the unique paths possible in the current molecule, you will progress to another autogenerated map.
  • If you wish to pause the game at any time, just move your cursor elsewhere and return with your cursor to unpause.
  • Good luck, future ruler!

Warning: Please be advised that the autogenerated levels may take a while to load and generate, so please be patient at sporadic times. 


This is a work in progress and like all works in progress, continued funding helps. Therefore, if you like the game, please consider donating any amount by clicking "Support This Game" above the description! More molecule maps and features are coming soon, but every donation counts!

For those of you who are wondering about playability on mobile, new changes to screen resolution should be theoretically helpful, especially for those who like to play full screen. However, while the desktop and laptop browser versions do work, not all mobile devices may be supported. Styluses are highly recommended for smooth mobile gameplay in landscape mode. 

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